Michael Wise is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) operating in NYC. He received his training from the Leadership That Works Coaching for Transformation program which is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program. In 2018, YEAIKNOW developed the branding strategy for his practice, Michael Wise Coaching, and created the identity system based on the existing obstacle of his practice—to communicate to his audience the potential benefit and to unravel the often misconstrue need for a life coach. After research and internal discussions, we come to understand that most people don’t quite understand the nature of the role of a life coach, and at times confuse it with psychiatrist or consular. Our solution is to visually layout keywords, presented in the notion of search tags, as part of Michael’s branding element. In which, we reinforce Michael’s approach of sincerity and frankness by creating an identity lockup with his contact information in a block as well.
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