Michael Wise is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) serving the NYC Metro area. He received his training from the Leadership That Works Coaching for Transformation program, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program. In 2018, YEAIKNOW developed his branding strategy inspired by a major obstacle of his practice—the challenge of communicating the potential benefit of, and unraveling the often misconstrued need for, a life coach. After conducting research and internal discussions, we learned that few people understand the real purpose of a life coach and at times confuse it with a therapist or counselor. Our solution was to visually layout keywords, represented as “search tags,” as a key part of Michael’s branding elements. The keyword design not only helped clarify his services and reinforce Michael’s approach of sincerity and frankness but showed attention to detail by extending aspects of the design throughout every element of his website down to the contact information block.
Eivor was part of the brainstorming, research, and planning of the redesign, in addition to leading the team on all branding, website design, social media assets, and execution. 
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