Eivor Pedersen's a Nordic designer, born and raised in Norway, currently based in NYC. Eivor primarily works at New York Cares as the Creative Lead. On the other hand, she's also Co-Founder & Creative Director at YEAIKNOW, a multi-disciplinary studio in Brooklyn. Eivor has a wide range of experience and skills in Graphic Design, especially in Brand Identity, Editorial, Website, and Production. 
Eivor was educated in graphic design with a focus on typography at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (graduated 2011, NTNU in Gjøvik), and later on, received her MFA in Design (graduated 2015), at the School of Visual Arts
Although Eivor comes from a traditional graphic design discipline, she always looks for new methods or new solutions to a problem, sees every project as the best project thus far, and always, always have fun in the process. Eivor is handy and solution-oriented, her design is always user-centered, and her favorite question is "why?". 
In her free time, she enjoys sci-fi books with strong female characters, tending to her many plants, listening to Harry Potter podcasts and entertaining friends with home-cooked meals.
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