Cluttering at the airport baggage claim.
– It leads to delays and high traffic at the airport, which causes frustration and irritated travellers.
I believe people clutter around the baggage claim, because they are worried that their luggage didn’t make it to the plane. Or that someone accidentally will pick up their luggage. Causing people to block the view for other travellers, which leads to more frustration and more cluttering, and people stay longer at the airport then they need to.
1-sentence problem statement:
People have difficulty picking up their luggage, 
because they have little visibility of their luggage. 
My solution will be to combine features from existing apps to create an app that tracks your luggage. By taking advantage of current luggage handling technology that is already in use at airports, I will relieve travellers the stressing factor of not knowing where your luggage is, which causes them to crowd around the baggage claim.
If everything is alright, and your luggage is with you, you get this message when leaving the airport.
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