2018 was a record-breaking year for New York Cares Day for Schools, the largest organized day in service to public schools in NYC and a beloved city tradition. This year, a staggering $235,000 was raised for New York Cares’ ongoing education program. On a single day of service, over 2,500 volunteers, donning newly designed event t-shirts, came together at 35 schools citywide to paint hallways and classrooms, clean out storage closets and basements, and spruce up blacktops and outdoor areas of all sorts. New this year was a heightened focused on the peer-to-peer fundraising experience, requiring a redesign of the existing donor page. New bi-weekly “countdown” emails with eye-catching visuals echoing the t-shirt design were also sent to both Team Leaders and group members to inform them about the improved fundraising experience and sharing useful information about the monumental day of service. 
Eivor was in charge of creating the event branding, as well as executing the design. The event calls for both heavy social media presence, email marketing, and materials for peer-to-peer fundraising. She was also in charge of designing the online peer-to-peer fundraising experience. 
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