YEAIKNOW has a long-standing collaboration with an environmental scientist, Benjamin Gottesman—who focuses his practice on recording and analyzing sounds by installing recorders in nature (i.e. coral reef, iceberg, jungle, etc.) to study the human impact to the wildlife in the environment. In 2018, he reached out to YEAIKNOW to design the covers of an alternative nature sound album, of the sandhill crane of Nebraska, which was also funded and released by the Crane Trust in Nebraska. We intended to not overwhelm the visual design—simply placing cut-off of cranes on a white background, and furthermore fade the presence of the text by outlining with thin strokes. Whereas the visual excitement is solely on the CD itself (an abstract illustration of the sandhill cranes in its environment).
We collaborated with the ever-so-talented Ben Gottesman and The Crane Trust on the release of the album "Sounds of Migration".
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