The most important part of volunteer management is saying “Thank You.” To inspire and recognize the work New York Cares volunteers do every day, New York Cares created a Volunteer Recognition Journey. New York Cares volunteers are dedicated individuals, and the organization wanted to give them encouragement to continue to step up and make a difference. The experience begins with friendly automated emails, continues with periodic direct mail communications and postcards, and concludes with induction to the “High Risers” wall in the lobby of the office when they reach 1,000 projects. he postcards are physical proof that volunteers have achieved volunteer milestones such as 10, 50, 150, 400 and so on. In a day and age where the only physical mail people receive are unsolicited advertisement and bills, we wanted to break up that cycle by giving people a small thank you in the mail.
Eivor’s role was to design and create all touch-points the volunteers received from New York Cares. The team decided on the intervals of communications based on New York Cares statistic of when people lose interest in volunteering. She was in charge of all visual decisions, design, and execution for the campaign.
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